Grading Points

PBIO / BIOL  4550 / 6550 Bioinformatics Applications

Points Assignment
2 · N Homework or Lab Report assignment, approximately once per week, 2 points per assignment. Two points if you get it mostly right, one point if you miss a major idea, zero points if if don't try to do the assignment.
100 Problem Set 1. A take home problem set that will be assigned during the first half of the course. There will be one week in which to complete it.
25 Graduate Students only - Assembly Project. A written report combined with a short oral presentation giving results, descriptive statistics, problems encountered, conclusions.
See below for more information.
100 Problem Set 2. A take home problem set that will be assigned during the second half of the course. Normally this is assigned on the last day of the class and is due on the day and at the time that an in-class final would have been schedule.
All academic work must meet the standards contained in "A Culture of Honesty". All students are responsible to inform themselves about those standards before performing any academic work.
Proper citation of materials is required for this course. Inclusion of short quotations is okay, but the overall work should be largely your own.
25 point Assembly Project Graduate Students

Details will be given in the second half of the course.

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